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Knox Street

Full Renovation. A dream home full of character, beautiful fireplaces & stunning bathrooms.


Client Background:

Our clients, a family with a young child, have acquired a townhouse in the heart of Central London and are eager to restore its character while creating functional and inviting spaces for their family to enjoy. With a focus on preserving original features and enhancing livability, the clients envision a home that seamlessly blends tradition with modern comfort.


Project Objectives:

Preservation of Original Features: The primary objective is to restore the townhouse's character by preserving original elements such as the striking staircase and restored fireplaces.
Functional Spaces: The clients desire functional spaces that cater to their family's needs, including cozy nooks that can serve as dens as their child grows older.
Bespoke Design: Create bespoke elements, such as a media wall in the lounge, that enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space without overpowering the room.


Design Concept:

The design concept for this townhouse restoration project in Central London focuses on celebrating the home's heritage while integrating modern comforts and functionality. The staircase, adorned with dark wood from floor to ceiling, serves as a striking focal point, while cozy nooks throughout the home provide intimate spaces for relaxation and contemplation. Restored fireplaces add warmth and character to different levels of the house, creating inviting focal points in each room.


Key Considerations and Project Features:

Striking Staircase: The staircase, featuring dark wood from floor to ceiling, adds drama and elegance to the space, serving as a focal point that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity.

Cozy Nooks: The layout of the townhouse lends itself to cozy nooks that can be transformed into dens or reading corners as the family's child grows older, providing versatile spaces for relaxation and contemplation.

Restored Fireplaces: Original fireplaces are restored throughout the home on different levels, adding warmth and character to each room while preserving the townhouse's historic charm.

Bespoke Media Wall: In the lounge, a bespoke media wall is designed to complement the room's aesthetic without overpowering the space, providing a functional yet stylish solution for housing entertainment equipment.

Value to Clients:
By preserving original features and integrating modern comforts, the restoration of this townhouse delivers a home that exceeds the client’s expectations and enhances their everyday living experience. The striking staircase, cozy nooks, restored fireplaces, and bespoke media wall all contribute to the character and functionality of the space, creating a warm and inviting environment for the family to enjoy for years to come.

In summary, this townhouse restoration project in Central London celebrates the home's heritage while providing modern comfort and functionality for a growing family.

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